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Michael Knollhoff - Gastric Sleeve Surgery

I can not give enough praise to Dr Awad, his staff and the gastric sleeve surgery.

At my highest weight I tipped the scales at 293 pounds, standing 5'11". I was not happy with this weight and would lose some weight gain it back and then lose again. I usually stayed in the mid 270's and came to terms with it. I actually told myself that I was happy with my weight and the way I looked. Due to kidney failure I needed to be on the organ transplant list, to do this I had to get my BMI down below 35 or they would not list me. I tried dieting again, and what exercising I could do, but could not get down to and stay below that magic number. Dr Awad had down my access for dialysis and we had chatted about gastric surgery when he did that, but I was not ready. It took me a year before I went to his office for evaluation and then almost another year before I was actually ready to have the surgery. On September 9, 2013 I had the gastric sleeve surgery done and I do not regret it for one minute. Today my weight fluctuates between 162 and 165, with a BMI of 22. I am wearing sizes that I have not since Junior High and I feel great. My energy is up, I am happier, more active and able to do things I never thought I could. I am just starting training for my first 5K run. Standing on my feet used to make my legs and knees ache, not anymore. When I was heavy I wore 42-44" pants, and usually with a web belt. I still use that web belt and have to tuck the tongue in to the side belt loop where it still hangs, as a reminder of where I used to be. Going into a store and buying size 30" jeans is such a head rush. Never ever did I imagine that I would enjoy clothes shopping like I do now. I walk past plate glass windows and see my reflection and wonder sometimes who that is.

I have to resist walking up to strangers and telling them to call Dr Awad, to get through to them how much happier and healthier their life is. I don't do it, but any and everyone who asks I tell them about this procedure and tell them to call Dr Awad for a consultation.
Do I have any regrets? Yes! I waited way too long to have this done.

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